Medicare Part B Assistance Programs That You Should Know About

The Medicare program is complex, and each Part is very different. Part B covers primary medical services and helps pay doctors and health providers for outpatient or home care.

This health insurance also has federal state savings programs that help reduce premiums.

There are three Medicare Part B assistance programs that you may qualify for:

  • QMB: This one helps you pay your Part B premium, deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments. If you’re single and your income last year was around $8,400, or if you’re a couple and your income is $12,400, you may qualify.
  • SLMB: This program reduces the Part B premium. It will also pay for part of the prescription drugs covered by the Medicare drug plan. You may still qualify for it based on your income.
  • QI: To be part of this program, you must apply for it every year. Such applications are approved based on available spaces in Nebraska. This covers costs for drugs and other services. If you qualify for Medicaid, you can’t get help from the QI program, but you may be eligible for another Medicare savings program.

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